Fashion of the Week

Waste Not, Why Not Want Recycled Polyester Buttons?

Recycling conserves natural resources, prevents pollution, and saves energy –  Our buttons made from recycled polyester offer a sustainable benefit to your brand. RECYCLED POLYESTER BUTTONS CARD NO.: I003 STYLE NO.: (LEFT) OL0110SIZES: 24L – 32LCOLORS: BT – LT. RUST – HORN – (ND GREY)STYLE NO.: (RIGHT) OL0062SIZES: 24L – 32LCOLORS: BLONDE – DK. RED BROWN – CHARCOAL(LT. CAMEL –…

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You Can Count on Cotton!

Cotton is a renewable resource and all parts of the plant are used for production from stem to flower, which helps make cotton a sustainable choice for your designing needs. CARD NO.: I001 STYLE NO.: (TOP LEFT) IR0063 – BUTTONSIZES: 28L – 40L – (36L)COLORS: VERMILLION – TIDEPOOL – ROYAL – (WHITE)STYLE NO.:(MIDDLE) IR0065 – DENIM POSTSIZE: 17 MMCOLORS: WHITE…

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Sustainability Will Look Great on that Suit with a Recycled Hemp Button. Hemp can be grown with minimal water and pesticides and is biodegradable, which makes it an Eco-friendly design option. CARD NO.: I002STYLE NO.: OL0041SIZES AVAILABLE: 24L – 32L – 36L – (40L)COLORS AVAILABLE: TAN – NATURAL – BLUE SAND  NAVY – DK. BROWN – (LT. BLUE – CHARCOAL)

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